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The Adult Learning Institute (ALI) ALI, at the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland Community College, was established in 1991 as a forum for retired and semi-retired people to share the joys of learning and friendship. Currently, it consists of about 120 men and women, ages 55 and older, living in southeast Michigan. The approaching fall 2015 session will be the fiftieth term since ALIís origin.

ALI is a member-run organization responsible for its own financial, clerical, and programming functions. We use facilities generously provided by Oakland Community College at the Orchard Ridge Campus, but the college gives no other operational support.

ALIís program is based solely on the efforts of its members. Some serve as program facilitators, while others run audiovisual equipment, serve on committees, write letters, prepare material for mailing, develop curriculum, contact potential speakers, and keep membership records and mailing lists.

The response of our current members provides timely and creative leadership and assistance. Everyone is encouraged and expected to participate and contribute to our organization.

This booklet describes the fall 2015 ALI lectures. Schedule or program changes will be announced and sent as email alerts as needed throughout the semester. For additional information use our website,, or call 248-522-3518 to leave a message. An ALI volunteer will respond.